Birmingham's fastest growing Barbershop

Since opening the barbershop towards the end of 2018, Barber Jalaal has established himself as talented and highly skilled barber in Birmingham

Located in the heart of Birmingham, our modern barbershop provides bespoke barbering services for clients from diverse and cultured backgrounds.

Our services include haircuts, fades and shaves, as well as more traditional treatments. We offer a premium service at affordable rates and strive to ensure our clients needs are met.

The brand ethos is simple “A barber takes care of the people”, so let us take care of your every need at your next appointment.



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In order to look youthful you’ve got to have a good haircut. We combine contemporary styles with modern cutting techniques to easily achieve this.

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The perfect fade consists of a systematic process, a steady hand and an eye for detail. As fade specialists we take great pride in this art form and aim for perfection with every flick.

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Some men look great unshaven; others just look like they forgot to shave. Beards and mustaches are a mans most distinctive features, so we make sure to get it right.

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You have to understand your hair, before you can choose the right hairstyle. With blowdrying, products and hairspray we are able achieve that flawless finish.

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A facial treatment is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. It helps to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish as well as promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion with younger looking skin.

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Mens grooming is all about personal appearances, feeling good and self confidence. Some men spend hours trying to look immaculate, but we can do that for you with our full service packages.


Price List


Haircut                                           £8.00

Skin Fade                                     £10.00

One Level                                       £7.00

Scissor Cut                                     £9.00

Bald (With Trimmer)                     £5.00

Bald (With Razor)                          £6.00




Clean Shave (With Trimmer)        £5.00


Clean Shave (With Razor)             £6.00

Beard Trim (With Trimmer)          £6.00

Beard Trim (With Razor)               £7.00

Hot Towel Shave                         £10.00




Pattern (Single Line)                     £3.00

Pattern (Half Head)                      £6.00

Pattern (Full Head)                      £12.00







Threading                                     £4.00 

Hot Waxing                                    £5.00

Black Mask Facial                         £5.00

Steam Facial                                £10.00






Standard                                      £36.00

Deluxe                                          £54.00

Premium                                       £72.00







Barber jalaal

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Barber Jalaal

Owner | Senior Barber

A friendly barber and a good listener, who always delivers what the client requests. Health & Safety are his biggest priorities and he always ensures the shop is well kept. As an appointment based barber, he’s often fully booked but always works to see everyone at their allotted times. With over 10 years of experience, he has become a skilled barber within the fields of afro, asian and euro gents barbering. 



"Was expecting me, knew my name, and was treated well from start to finish. Really listened to what I wanted and asked questions along the way. Would highly recommend!"

Ben Thompson


"Great customer service, nice relaxing atmosphere and very clean. I would highly recommend."

Azar Khan


"Great clean barbers with a good overall vibe, Even all the walk in barbers give great trims, overall great place."

Ahmed Aziz


"Excellent service. Jalaal knows exactly what he is doing. He takes his time and cuts your hair precisely how you want. Will be returning again."

Mohammed Kamran


"Professional approach by Jalaal. If you're in Birmingham definitely worth a look."

Ellis Morris


"10/10 service, 10/10 trim. This is one of the few barbers that actually listens and performs the actual cut that you want. Could not fault the skill and service level."

Zeeshan Mahmoud


"Very talented and a good personality. Highly recommended. Top service."

PJ Iqbal


"2+ years coming to the best barber in Birmingham, always hospitable, always a vibe and always the freshest haircut. Leave the barber shop looking sharp."

Awais Hussain


"Excellent service, good talk, highly recommend."

Raighne Hutchinson


"Best barber in Birmingham, I would highly recommend it to everyone."

Ruhoul Amin


"Best barber around, fully worth driving an hour to get a hair cut."

Bilal Ahmad


"Professional barber shop, very friendly, top quality haircut."

Mohammad Wamique


"Best Barber in Birmingham."

Darnell Khari


"Pleasant experience, Jalaal did exactly what I was looking for in a professional manner and took his time, definitely going back!"

Faisal Ahmed


"Came here upon recommendation, Barber Jalaal is a master of his craft creating fades suitable for an individuals needs. Elegant and Excellent."

Rashed Ali


"Jalaal is an exceptionally gifted barber, who besides giving you a professional service, makes you feel welcome at the barbershop with his lively personality. The value for money is tremendous and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a cut in Birmingham!"

Sven Pikker


"The cleanest fade I've ever got, you can tell Barber Jalaal is truly a man of his craft, as well as this the whole barber shop experience was 10/10, would definitely recommend!"

Muhammad Yahya


"The haircut was just amazing. A nice skin fade done by barber Jalaal and Barber Hamza. The place is kept in good condition. I recommend everyone to go here definitely the best in Birmingham."

Usman Khan


"Never let down, always a good cut. Experienced staff and amazing atmosphere. Best barber in Birmingham hands down."

Adil Gul


"Professional good cut, my boys love to come here."

Jenny Grillo


"This is officially the best barber in Birmingham. He always works in a sterile environment. Charges nearly nothing compared to other inexperienced barbers and lastly is a highly experienced barber."

Iftikhar Khan


"Barber Jalaal is a very skilled and professional barber, he always makes the customers comfortable and provides the service they request."

Hamza Nabi


"You know how they say your barber should have been a surgeon, well this is the case with Barber Jalaal. Would recommend 100%."

Harun Rashid


"Jalaal is The Godfather of trims."

Connor Dunleavy


"Best barbershop I have ever visited and it's very clean as well."

Yasin Ali


"I’ve been to many barbers over the years and haven’t come across many who were as sincere and skilled as Jalaal. I would highly recommend Barber Jalaal."

Jaleel Mehmood


"Ive been getting haircuts from Barber Jalaal for a long time and not once has he disappointed, you can never find a barber more passionate about his job than him."

Abaid Ahmed


"Excellent customer service! I would highly recommend."

Matthew Fletcher


"Excellent barber, excellent service, excellent attitude."

Faisal Zamir


"Honestly the best barber i've come across! Takes his time with his cuts, precision technique and a bubbly character to have a conversation with!"

Sarfraz A



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